Medellín offers its inhabitants and visitors a wide range of tourist and cultural attractions in both urban and rural areas.

As for urban tourism, you can visit emblematic sites in the center of the city such as: Plaza Botero, Museo de Antioquia, Museo Casa de la MemoriaCarabobo Peatonal, La Catedral Metropolitana, El Pequeño Teatro, La Casa Barrientos, among others. There are also guided tours to different comunas that make up the periphery, such as the Comuna 13 or various Parques Biblioteca (Library Parks).

In the north of the city, you will find the Jardín Botánico a space to connect with nature; the Parque Explora with the largest freshwater aquarium in South America; the Parque Norte, an alternative with mechanical attractions; and the Planetario, to watch the stars.

If you are a nature lover, you can take a walk through Cerro Nutibara, el Cerro el Volador, el Parque Arví– habitat of numerous species of flora and fauna. You can also visit the corregimientos of San Antonio de Prado, San Sebastián de Palmitas, San Cristóbal y Santa Elena, where you will find the farms used to grow a variety of flowers to make the silletas that are exhibited at the famous Medellín Flower Festival – La Feria de las Flores.

Throughout the department of Antioquia, you can also discover beautiful towns that reflect our traditions and entrepreneurial culture, while offering a connection with nature and beautiful landscapes such as:  Guatapé, Jardín, El Retiro, Santafé de Antioquia, Jericó, entre otros.

Is there an official agency that provides information on tourist and cultural offer of the city? is the city’s official tourism and travel guide. It is a tool that offers updated information on tourist and cultural attractions and the city’s event schedule. You can visit their website here or download the app and the Guía Rápida de Medellín

Additionally, we have an initiative named Antioquia es Mágica for you to find tourist destinations in the Department of Antioquia. You can also check out the Bureau Medellín website for information on city events, photographs, videos and images of the most popular attractions. 

When traveling, keep this in mind: 

  • It is important that you carry your passport and international health insurance everywhere you go.
  • Report the outings you are going to make, either to your host institution or to your family and close friends.
  • When going on a trip, take enough money with you and keep valuables in a safe place.
  • Ask your classmates or the International Relations Office (ORI in Spanish) at your host institution for guidance on possible routes or places to visit.